The Tanzanian women fighting sickle cell disease

Arafa Salim at the 2017 World Sickle Cell Day launch of the sickle cell disease passport, Dar es Salaam.

Living with pain

Raising awareness

Salim and “sickle cell warriors” with their NHIF insurance cards, Dar es Salaam.


“Sickle cell disease is the single most important genetic cause of childhood mortality worldwide,” — Makani.

Research achievements

Makani and Salim (front row) at the opening of a sickle cell centre in Tanzania.

Building a biomedical resource

300,000 babies born every year with sickle cell disease, the vast majority of these in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sharing knowledge

Makani still has only one aim in mind — curing sickle cell disease.

Future hopes



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